Wedding Keepsakes and Custom Made Crafts

Here are photos of some of my work. The wedding frames are specially crafted to include the invitation and any other momentos the bride wishes preserved. The colors match each bride's wedding colors. Large frames include a photo of the wedding couple.


Frame1 Finished frame is 12X16. $75.00 frame5 Finished frame is 12X16. $75.00
Frame4 Finished frame is 10X13. $50.00 Frame2 Finished frame is 10X13. $50.00
Frame2 detail
Closeup of Frame2



Here are some photos of albums I have created. I have many different fabrics available in a variety of colors. Large Wedding Albums are also available. They are very elaborate. I'll add photos of some of them as I get them.


All Ocassion Album blue-gray Large album, 3 tiers $45.00 Christmas Cats Album Large album, 3 tiers $40.00 Small Wedding Album Small Wedding Album, 4X6 prints $20.00
Cowboy Bunnies Baby Album Baby Album, baby's bed $35.00 All Ocassion Album peach-blue Large album, 3 tiers $45.00 Small Wedding Album Small Wedding Album, 4X6 prints $20.00


Here are some of the fabric and silk flower wreaths I have made. You could have any color combination you'd like. I happen to like purples and lavenders and some of these I made for myself. I also make various Christmas crafts. As I get pictures I will add them to this page. If you have questions or a special idea just drop me an e-mail.


peach wreath w/butterfly Round, peach & copper w/butterfly, $45.00 closeup peach/copper wreath Closeup section of peach/copper wreath round purple wreath Round purple wreath w/berries, $50.00
purple heart wreath Heart-shaped, purple w/feathers & berries, $80.00 closeup purple heart wreath Closeup section of purple wreath w/berries & feathers white wreath w/lace & glitter White wreath w/lace & glitter, $30.00
Purple wreath w/lace Purple wreath w/lace, $30.00 Purple fabric wreath Purple fabric wreath, $25.00 lavender flower basket Lavender flower basket, $45.00


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