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Scuba Diving

I just love to dive. It's one of the most satisfying activities for me. I'm certified as a wreck diver, night diver, search and recovery, rescue diver, and divemaster. I catch lobster with my hands and spearfish. My husband jokes that when I go grocery shopping, I do it 60 feet down. If you saw what I have in my freezer, you'd agree.

Hand Crafted Wedding Keepsakes and Other Custom-Made Decorations

I have a creative streak that I indulge quite often. I enjoy designing"Wedding Keepsakes" and other decorations. I make wedding albums and shadowbox frames, baby albums and all occasion albums, floral and fabric wreaths, beaded angel pins and christmas ornaments. If you can describe it, I can probably make it. Check out some of my designs. Contact me if you have a question or see something you like.




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