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Star Trek
Star Trek has been one of my passions since the show first appeared on television in the 1960's. I'd sneak out of bed and stand behind my dad's lounge chair watching it over the top of his head. I have video tapes of the episodes, been to Star Trek conventions, collected and read most of the books written about Star Trek including the James Blish novels and the rare Mission to Horatius novel (Yes, I'm proud to say I own a copy of the book published in 1968), and I'm always looking for something new to add to the collection.

Forever Knight
Forever Knight is one of my more recent passions. The handsome detective, Nicholas Knight, is an intriguing character. Bright, passionate, and talented yet mysterious and dangerous. Hence, my affiliation to Nick Knight's Harem of Wives, I'm wife #8. Pop on over to our website and meet the other wives. We're always interested in discussing our Knight Crusader. If you're a fan and enjoy video clips and stories, my Forever Knight page is for you.

Dragons, Dragons, and More Dragons
Could you guess I love dragons? I've been reading about them for as long as I can remember and collecting them for nearly 20 years. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, with wings or without, land dwellers or water bound. The variety is endless. I have pictures of some of my favorites in my Collections section. Please enjoy.




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