Most of the plates you will see here are from my private collection. Those not in my collection are marked with an * and I hope to add them to my collection in the future. This section is under construction and only the plates from the 20th Anniversary and 20th Anniversary Episodes series can be viewed at the moment. Stay tuned for updates as I get my collection scanned in.


Star Trek 20th Anniversary Series first series - 1983.
1. Kirk2. Spock3. McCoy4. Scotty
5. Uhura6. Chekov7. Sulu8. Beam Us Down Scotty

20th Anniversary USS Enterprise20th Anniversary USS Enterprise
Signature edition*

Star Trek Original Series also exists as a platinum border edition with matching serial numbers and limited to 1701 sets.*

Star Trek 20th Anniversary Episodes first episode series - 1986.
1. The Trouble with Tribbles2. A Piece of the Action3. Journey to Babel4. Menagerie
5. Devil in the Dark6. City on the Edge of Forever7. Mirror, Mirror6. Amok Time

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Series second series - 1991. (photos not yet available)
1. Spock2. Kirk3. McCoy4. Scotty
5. Uhura6. Chekov7. SuluUSS Enterprise

Next Generation Series first series. (photos not yet available)
1. Picard2. Data

Next Generation 5th Anniversary Series second series.(photos not yet available)
1. Picard2. Riker3. Data4. Worf5. Troi
6. Dr Crusher7. LaForge8. W. Crusher9. Guinan10. Q

Life of Spock Series 1997
1. Amok Time2. Unification3. Wrath of Khan
4. Spock Reborn5. The Voyage Home




Star Trek Animated Graphics compliments of J & T's Star Trek Gifs




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